Legend of Ironheart: Book 2

Blood Stone Legend of Ironheart

Everyone would be afraid of the dark if they knew what lived there.

Apprenticed to notorious Tech-Hunter, Verity Brown, India Bentley has spent the last year travelling the globe, finding and selling long-lost technology and doing her best to stay out of trouble. Unfortunately, trouble has a habit of finding her. Accused of an assassination attempt and thrown in a Sing-City jail, India is rescued by scientist-adventurer Professor Moon: a man obsessed with finding the Bloodstone – key to a source of unlimited energy. Now Moon wants India and Verity to join his quest to Antarctica to locate a lost city.

Pursued across the southern oceans by a ruthless warlord, and haunted by the ghosts of her past, India must risk everything to uncover the secrets of the old world. But truth will always come with a price and what India discovers in the ancient city presents her with the ultimate choice.

The fate of humanity is in her hands.

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