***** IRONHEART Five Stars - Daily Express

The book is impossible to put down, every time you get to the end of a chapter you think I’ve got to stop reading, I need to do my homework, but you only manage to tear yourself away after another three chapters

Susanna, age 11

It’s difficult to choose my favourite part because it’s all so good…

Daniel, age 10

This is just the sort of post-apocalyptic read I have been looking for – for yonks! Which explains why I finished it in one day

Khadijah, age 18

Exciting and fast-moving fantasy

Adiella, age 10

I liked it because there are so many twists and turns in the plot

Lucy age 10

I can’t wait to read about more of India’s adventures

Sam, age 10

I cannot wait for the sequel to come out in January 2015

Charlotte, age 10