March 10, 2011
Why the toilets are shut.
March 11, 2011

Get well Steve!

I have just learned that my friend and talented musician, Steve Dagleish is unwell and in hospital.  Get well soon Steve, we have need of your music back!


  1. Carol says:

    Allan, Steve posted the following on Facebook (probably didn’t relaise you are not on FB)

    Steve Dagleish
    eee, news travels faster than the traveller! Alan, I’m out and feeling positive! Looking forward to more of your entertaining posts! Seems my writing may improve as my heart ‘opens’! CREEEEAAAKKK!!! x

  2. Allan says:

    Great to hear mate – speak soon

  3. Tony Tidey says:

    Hi Allan,
    Carol told me about your blog last night, so I’ve just started reading it today – really enjoying it, and hope that everything goes well for you.
    Tony (Tidey)

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